New Hemlock Model

Dave will be offering the new Eaglet model in three versions for 2007. All are 15’6" but each version is rigged differently (one, two, or three seats). Being fairly beamy, they are more of a recreational design, although the depth is slightly less than the SRT. The Eaglet III may be a good alternative to the Wenonah Solo Plus choice for those seeking a combination solo/tandem design. I’m sure the workmanship is impeccable as with all of the Hemlock boats.

Thanks for posting the news about the new offering from Hemlock. There is a lot of talk at this board about tandems that can serve double-duty as solos, looks like that’s what Mr. Curtis is aiming for with this model.

I’d love
a Shaman for those days I’m feeling ambitious, but wallets telling me to stick with royalex.

it’s the new Companion!
It should be an elegant boat.

I think that the Kestrel is the new Vagabond and the Peregrine is the new Nomad and the Eaglet is the new Companion.

The Vagabond and Nomad and Companion are great and the Kestrel and Peregrine and better so the Eaglet seems like a sure bet…if you’re looking for a versatile light tandem boat. As always with Dave’s boats he seems to have no competition for strength + weight.

Looks like good competition for the Starfire although I’d guess that Starfire will still be better for true freestyle (or whitewater!) and will still carry a bigger load.