New here! New boat! Glad to be here!

Hello everyone, my name is Alexander and I am new to this forum. I really like forums and the information that can be found in them, so since I am finally getting a kayak and I found this forum I thought it would be a great place to sink a line into.

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Although I am not completely new to kayaking, I recently bought my first kayak and am currently waiting for it to be shipped. My rig is going to be a FeelFree Lure 11.5 V2 with a Bending Branches Angler Pro Kayak Paddle along with some other accessories and the main use of it will be fishing and recreation yakking in rivers, streams, and ponds near me in the northeast

. I spent a long time researching the kayak I want and all but floated in the FeelFree and I wanted a good paddle to go along with it, hoping both will last me a long time. Unfortunately I waited slightly to long to order my kayak and my order was placed during this quarantine and is back-ordered (should ship early august).

I have fished my whole life and been on various boats, canoes, and kayaks my whole life and cannot wait to get one of my own and get out on the water. I also hope to learn a lot from this community (which seems amazing so far) and be able to help other on here where I can.

to start some discussion:

what boat do you use?

do you think I choice right?

do you fish?

Looks like a good choice. It is not a fast kayak, but almost no fishing kayak is. My Tarpon 140 certainly is the tugboat of my kayak fleet - yes, I have kayak fished for over a decade.

Most important advice I can give you: if you are in your kayak on water, always, always wear a proper fitting PFD. Next most advice is: if your lure/bait is not in the water, you will not catch fish.

Safe paddling & fishing!

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Welcome to the neighborhood, Alexander, and congrats on your new boat.

As kayakhank advised, always wear your PFD and remember, if you don’t have it on you, you don’t have it.

As to what boats I use, I’m a coastal touring gal on the Great Lakes so my go-to boat is a 17-ft. sea kayak. Also have a 14’ foot kayak for rivers.

Wishing you many happy and safe days on the water. And lots of fish, of course.


Very good advice, Life-vests are essential! Personally I have plenty of types but I ordered a inflatable one, due to the low profile for fishing, since I consider myself a strong swimmer

Yep, I know it wont be the fastest but I was looking for a nice stable platform and wanted a 10 or 11.5 as I want more maneuverability than speed.