new home for the Tempest 170

Will probably be selling the Tempest 170. I simply have not used it that much and frankly feel that it has too much volume for what I want to do. Ideally I would trade it for a 165 in similiar condition (scratched to all get out but structurally sound)

Since I lost nearly 40 lbs since starting Kayaking, and since I am getting more and more used to low volume boats like the OI and the SOF, maybe I need to look at the 165? Or actually give my wife the money from the sale for the Tempest and watch the look of wonder on her face as there is a minor return from the bottomless pit the money has been going to…



You could buy her a nice…
… Pintail! “Ducking” now…

I am barely tolerated as it is…


you could put your lovely lady in the T165!

Only problem there is you’d have to get permission to paddle it yourself as well as schedule your time during the few moments she isn’t in it :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think you’d love the 165. Simply incredible versatility. I finally had a chance to paddle a 170 for a short time and I was amazed at the difference between the two. Really expected more similarities. The 170 is just too much volume for my scarecrow physique.

I’m a skinny 6’2", 165# dude and the T165 was the best purchase I ever made in a factory boat. I like windy stormy waters and this boat really shines in that venue. I’ll admit it feels like a bit of a boring slug on calm water but that’s when I get out the canoe!

The T165 inspired my selection of Nick Schade’s Night Heron when I decided to build a cedar strip boat. Its a longer skinnier Tempest in many ways and I have even more of what I liked in the Tempest now.

I just gave my T165 to a dear friend who is probably going to market her QCC due to volume issues. I’m hoping to still manage an occasional paddle or two in the Tempest as we have many, many miles together. The best part is going to be watching her face while she paddles a boat that really fits her and just laughs at the wind and waves.

BTW, I’ve run the T165 on 3-4 trips with gross weights of 275# (boat/paddler/gear),and the boat did just fine, even in fairly rough waters.

If I sound as rabid about the T165 as some of the QCC addicts, its only because I am! And, if you don’t get one of these plastic wonders of the paddling world, I’m gonna hound you until you cry 'Uncle" :slight_smile:

Pleasant waters to ya regardless of what and where.


Love My 165
Have yet to find a boat I like better.

Love my 170 too
but I am down to a svelte 195 from 235 and with my penchant for a lower volume boat I feel like I am swimming in the tempest even though I am well within the weight range.

I don’t pack heavily for camping so the OI is plenty big enough.


Let Me Know…
Let me know when you come to the Raleigh area. I want to try out your OI. You can check out my 165. We can go look at the eagles on Jordan.

trying Kudzu

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house is listed..transfer pending...just waitin.

Gotta get you guys in the SOF also...


hey homes
how did you fit the 165???

wasn’t you butt hanging off the back of the seat pan???or didi you move the seat back???

a friend tried that boat out who is the same height and could not fit in it…

moved the seat assembly back about 2.5-3". Removed the hip pads altogether.

Had to wear minimal bulk footwear as my dogs were close to the bulkhead where things were getting narrow.

There certainly was not room enough for any more of me! This snug fitment really showed me the advantage of such ergonomics in a kayak. I could paddle for hours comfortably. Edge control was great.

When I built the Night Heron, I went with a slightly smaller cockpit opening and arranged the rest of the contruction/outfitting so I would wear the new boat very much the same as the T165.

Great fun in the rough water!

Take care.


"ZERO"-volume boat…

One that you CANNOT


-Frank in Miami

You may be right about that one. but actually I believe she secretely likes that I am out of the house and her hair. I come back calmer, too tired to argue with her and so she hears a lot more Yes M’am, no M’am, I promise I’ll do better M’am. Can’t do enough of that in her book.


Makes me want to really push…
… any wedding date off! WAY off!

I take my SO with me lately. After she works on rolling for an hour she’s not thinking so much about what I do or don’t need to be doing. Mostly wants food and downtime - and acts a lot more like me…

She’s really dialing them in now. Multiples on either side. She has no offside, I had her working on both sides right off to avoid that. The less people know, they easier they learn.

Too bad she works Sunday. Also too bad Scott doesn’t get in earlier to be there too. Maybe we can get together for an after work paddle during the week.

I joke
but she has been wonderful. And extremely supportive.

Scott mentioned he may be here for 3 weeks now. Plenty of time to get him out to the Everglades to see the gators and the keys for the nurse sharks and rays etc.