New Honda CRV roof racks

I’ve been useing a trailer for years but we may be

moving to Florida and it looks like the trailer will

have too go…I’m thinking of buying one of the newer Honda’s that have the swept back…not the boxy design

of previous years…The question is I have not seen anybody hauling a sea kayak( 17foot) on these suv’s…

I wonder if there is a problem with a rack on these


CR-V roofrack
A friend has an 07 CR-V (the first year without the spare tire on the rear door) and he installed a set of Yakima “feet” into the cut-outs or the CR-V’s roof. He can quickly snap the towers onto those feet.

He has an 18-foot kayak that he puts up there. No really long drives (as far as I know), but no problems on any of the local drives with the boat up there.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about.


Any chance of some pics of that?
I’ve got an '07 too and have rolled a number of different ideas around in my head. One of them was what your friend did. I’d love to see some pics sometime.