New Hull for kwikle--let's boogie!!!

Well I bit the bullet and bought the boogie. I may trade up at some future date when our local shop gets their mega surf kayaks dealership arrangement, but for now that is not happening. I ordered the fins and I am picking up a skirt pretty soon too. I am really excited to hit the waves this fall!

Fall in PNW
the surf is GREAT in OREGON in the fall. real smooth and glassy 3-8’ waves with babybutt smooth faces!

sorry I had to go there!

congrads on your new ride!!!



I’m totally jealous keith!

Hope you get some nice big swells before the winter ice.

It’s A Great Choice

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for the first surf boat. Some have stuck by it, especially those surfing rocky breaks. No worries there. It's also much more amenable to a fusion of ww tricks and surfing than most of the other surf boats out there. 360's, backsurfing and blunts are pretty easy in that boat.

BTW, last Santa Cruz, I lucked out when someone lent me their Boogie. The Boogie was familiar and predictable and one less thing for me to worry about. Since I was in the open plastic division and not in high performance, I was surfing a finless Boogie: