New Hullavator

Anyone have any experience with the new, improved Thule Hullavator #897XT?

New Hullavator
I was also wondering if the one that LLBean is carrying is the old version or the new version. I would think that the new version was modified to reduce or eliminate the problems folks had with the old one. Anyone???

New, if listed as 897XT
Any dealer not specifically listing it as the XT will probably be trying to clear out older stock. I’m interesting also in hearing from 897XT owners. Though I’ll probably get the newer version this spring, regardless.

I called
LLBean and the one listed for $405 is the new version. If you buy one, please let us know how you like it.

Hullavator report
I bought the Hullavator from LLBean a year ago. It had problems and I returned it to LLBean, and got another. Same problems. I contacted Thule via their web site and they said to go to a Thule dealer. My local bike shop is a Thule dealer. While there we contacted Thule by phone (as instructed) last November. Thule said that I had to wait until January for a new Hullavator to be delivered to the bike dealer. In the meantime they sent two cable locks to use. I now have the new version. Thule solved the problems with the locks, with irregular latching, and with padded protection of the kayak. Thule needs to be commended for the way they handled the problem. I highly recommend the Hullavator, and I hope that it will continue to behave properly.

Thank you!
Good news!

Removing Hullavator when not in use
For the people who have the hullavator: Is the Hullavator easy to take off the roof when you are not using it?