New Inflatable Kayak and Fishing

I just recieved my Advance Elements Airframe Kayak today!

I’m so excited.

Looks just like in the picture you see there. Acording to the reviews i have read on this site and others, people are very happy with them. I am glad i made a good purchase.

I have yet to put it into water or even inflate it! I’ll bring it out to the cottage this weekend to give it a whirl.

I had thougt about doing some fishing with this but was not too sure. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with such a thing. I know you could paddle to a distant shore and get out…OK no problem, but fishing from int he boat?

I looked through all the posts here but only saw one refering to a SOT inflatable.

Looking forward to participating in this site and discussions!



I saw one
I saw one…or a similar one…at the local Great Outdoor Provision Company.

Material feels like the same stuff they use on WW boats. Has possibilities.

Only concern I’d have is snagging a hook or hitting a sharp rock. You can repair quickly, but that’s a lot of puffing to re-inflate!

Maybe they should come up with a bilge pump that can double as a manual inflator pump.

yes, the plastic/rubber is similar to what they use in Zodiak boats.

seems very tough.

I’ll get used to actually using the thing first.

I would be worried about a snag from a hook too, but the thing seems very tough. it would probably be more forgiving over some rocks as well. i would be carefulabout that anyways.

inflatable problems
I think I’d be more worried about the effect of stiff, sharp fins (like on a hardhead cat) on the sides and/or bottom of the boat. I’ve seen hardheads penetrate a car tire when the they’ve gotten run over. Not pretty, as the corpse of the cat usually ends up flying through the air with at least two of his three fins still intact. Them things hurt when they poke you, by the way. Except for one woman I saw: she caught one that would have gone about 5 lbs, and hauled off and kicked it. Top spin got her right in the shin to a depth of about 2 inches, and she blew it off like it was nothing. My son and I simply freaked out. Then, it turns out that she had a prosthetic leg.