New Jersey fisherman

Wondering if anyone on here fishes in NJ - specifically the Hackensack/Meadowlands. I haven’t had a chance to really fish here yet and I’m itching to get at the stripers/blues in the Hacky. I know the season isn’t really going yet, but wondering if anyone’s been out yet and what if anything - even other than stripers/blues - may be around.

Spinning my reel
I haven’t looked at this board in months. Yet since trout fishing opening day in N.J. is a little over a week away I decided to have a look today and noticed with surprise your post.

Anyway, I’m here in North Jersey and my mind is starting to get into the fishing mode. For me right now the thought is on trout fishing since the water is cold. In May I usually start considering hooking into some bass. As you can tell I’m basically a fresh water fisherman. I have not as of yet gone out for stripers but have been considering it.

Regarding the Hackensack/meadowlands. Do you have any info as to any hot spots for locating stripers when they come in?

Not really
since I haven’t really been out yet. I hear that the fish tend to gather off the power plant outlet that is just south of the Laurel Hill county park when the water is still cold. There is a free public launch at that park, and canoe / kayak rentals during the summer, if you think you want to give it a try. Overall, I think it’s pretty good fishing there since I have met guys who drove an hour or two up from the Jersey Shore to fish for stripers which I think tells you something.

Haven’t Really fished in
the Meadowlands, although I’m only 10 to 15 minutes away. I’ve often thought about canoeing there. I’d be willing to give it a try sometime.

I normally go to Monksville, Wawayanda and Greenwood Lk.