New Jersey Paddlers - help

I plan on taking a weekend paddling trip in the Pine Barens this year. The Mullica and Bastro rivers look great as do the primitive camp sites. Two Questions: 1- Are May and June buggy? 2- A good outfitter to rent a quality (Bell or Wennonah kevlar)? We have racks so delivery and pickup are not needed. I am embarrased to say that I know more about paddling the Adirondacks 7 hours away than I do about my home state. Thanks.

I doubt you will find kevlar
and kevlar is not necessary.You may find yourself dragging over and under and around obstacles and the last thing I personally would want is someone else’s kevlar boat.

Late May, oyly June = Skitters

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So bring de yer bug dope - 'specially at sundown, but it really ain't too bad. De Pineys be me favoorite paddlin' no matter wat.

Yer better off wit plastic in lower water conditions - lots of boat ettin' stumps ready ta do a number on Kevlar boat iffin' yer not used ta Piney Paddlin'.

Give me a holler iffin' yer want some advice on de Pineys.


No significant bugs, no Kevlar
South Jersey is not buggy like the Dacks in any season. I’ve paddled the Pinelands in May and don’t recall even using dope.

There are two outfitters. Mick’s rents for the Wading and Oswego. Bel Haven rents for the Mullica and Batsto. I’ve never seen anything in their fleets except aluminum canoes and some plastic rec kayaks. Maybe they have something else hidden away. Call them.

Pine Outfitters
Bell Haven Paddle Sports services all four rivers. Ask for Jim or Dave. 800-445-0953


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I'll 2nd BelHaven

You will like the Pines. We are headed up the Adirondacks for our first time next summer.

Thanks - Bell Haven looks like a great outfitter (sells good equipment). Let me know if you need any ADK advice, I’ve been going up for over 20 years.