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Anyone interested in the New Jersey fitness paddling and racing scene may want to join a new Yahoo group.....


We are a small group but would like other folks in the Garden State to be up to date on all things racing here.

Please join and say hello!



Where in NJ?


I thought I sent you a personal e-mail about this???

Anyway, we are centrally located in Ocean County.

We do move up to Mercer County on occasion to do time trails at Mercer County Park.

Join the Group- there are some great local races and overall fun fitness paddles we get in!

Where are you located?


Ah’ dun’no…

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Ah'd then have ta change me name ta Skinny Elmo... jus' ain't de same.

Do yer go out fer cheeseburgers after?

Fat Elmo

race in yak
what u mean in racing in yak…isnt a yak an animal or what dat that…thought dat kayak supposed be for leisure dat paddling who dat want race when the scencery is nice and enjoyed the day…

yo fat elmo so you said dat you are skinny ass instaed of insulting fatty ones…umm

I’m in North Jersey, so that makes it difficult to join you guys. I don’t recall any emails from you Scott. Is Lars Linde in on this?



Posted by: Andy_Szymczak on Jul-24-08 9:31 AM (EST)

I’m in North Jersey, so that makes it difficult to join you guys. I don’t recall any emails from you Scott. Is Lars Linde in on this?



Lars is one of the guys- paddles with us every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday nights…

Everyone loves his accent!!! He now rides a V10 Elite- all black carbon- sweet!

I met…

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Lars at the Passaic River Race this past spring. We talked a bit about our boats and compared paddles. Also drove down to his house to look at some boats he was selling.

He mentioned to me that a bunch of you guys get together. He invited me to join in. It's bit far for me to join in on a regular basis, but occasionaly is a possibility. I could use some pointers, the Mako XT is new to me.

Did Lars take all of the stickers off the Elite?


You will not find a better group of guys to get free coaching…We range from a guy in a V10 sport(only been paddling it 2 weeks), a guy with a Huki that never paddled skis before, to a former two time national champ and a past Olympian. Everyone works together to make the group as a whole better paddlers.

Lars is always there to ask any questions I need answered.

You should make it a point to get down to Brick Sunday nights- the free coaching is worth 10 times the price of gas and tolls…

oh, and join the Yahoo Group to stay tuned in to the paddling scene here.


Thanks Scott
Sunday nights would be tough during the summer. I don’t do traffic well anymore.

Tuesdays or Thursdays are a possibility. What times do you start?

I’ll join the group soon.