new kayak advice

I need to buy a new kayak. I would like a sit-inside. The issue is that I need one with a high weight limit (over 350 lbs just to be safe). I also need one with a large cockpit so that getting in and out will be easier and so that it will be comfortable. Any makes/models that anyone suggests I look into? I appreciate the insight!

use the
gear guide on this site, you can search specs on every boat and narrow down your choices.

used boats are great values…

Big boy boat…
You might want to check out Hurricane kayak, model Sport Exp. The yak is 14’ long, weight 50#s, capacity 375#s. I bought one as first boat. Yak has very,very large cockpit opening, to work with my very limited knee flex. Yak has two water tight hatches for weekend camping trips. I am 315# and 6’6". Good luck on your search.

thank you!
Thank you both for your help! I will look into the Hurricane kayak and I will check out the gear guide. Thanks again!