New Kayak / Canoe cart company

I have a V3 kayak cart by VEE CART and I love it. I am thinking of getting a V4 for my canoe. Does anyone own a V4. If so, do you like it?

I like it
Just from the pictures, I think it is a winner. I would double the straps and mount them on the ends of the 2 shorter aluminum pieces. Looks strong, light, and compact. Good price point.

will irritate if you dont
have another strap as mentioned above, the kayak will torque against the sole strap quickly begin to wobble…let me know if/when you post a closeup of the wheel removal/pin/whatever so I can see how much a beetch that is to deal with.

Iv’e had one like that for over 5 years!

All thread, tires, and a rubber block for a V hull boat trailer.Less than 20 bucks.Plus a couple nuts and straps.


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I wonder how it works without a kickstand? Even the Segway has a kickstand for staying upright when not in use. I don't see how you mount a kayak on a boat ramp single handed.