New Kayak / canoe

Go here to see a new “kayak” being offered by Rutabaga. Looks interesting to use as a fishing craft.

Click under “features” at the right of the site for more details


You mean this one?

Talon brought one to Raystown as a demo.


Yeah that’s it. Did you try it out?

New canoe
This is kind of interesting; both Confluence and Heritage/Legacy etc are introducing 50 lb, 12 foot, plastic pack canoes.

Lots of manufacturers, Bell, Hemlock, Hornbeck, Placid boatworks and others make 12 foot pack canoes at and under 20 lb.

The new boats are neat because they legimize the pack canoe genre: sit off the bottom, use footpegs and double blade paddles, but they’re a load to tote.

Which ?
model is being put out by which Confluence division?

new confluence canoe
the new one is called Synergy, comes in both 12 & 14’ length’s, looks like a sit on top that they just dropped down to the bottom of the hull, has a tank well at back like the tarpons, i saw one about a month ago at a dealer in nc, took some pictures of it, funny how both companies came out with similar designs for 2007.

No, not me
I did see it as a very stable platform for fishing. Talon actually stood up in it.