New kayak choice

Well I have sold my Valley Auquanaut, and my Eddyline Merlin Lt and am now in the market for a more performance oriented kayak or ski for 2012. I am 6’ and 185 lbs, 53 years old. I consider myself an intermediate flat water paddler and I live in the midwest where all of my paddling will be on small lakes. I don’t need nor want any storage and all of my paddling will be 1 or 2 hour outings where I simply paddle for fun. No racing or river use. I am considering a CD Freedom, Nelo Viper 55, SRS Laser 4 all, or possibly even a ski like the Epic V-8 or Huki SR. I don’t know what would be a stable beginner flatwater ski other than the 2 I mentioned. I am even considering a WSBS Delta, and an Eddyline Fathom, but don’t like the 50lb. weight of the Fathom. I do have a spinal cord injury that makes handling out of water a bit of a challenge so weight is important. Oh yeah, I am even looking at the new Walrus Griffin LT, but would like to hear from people that know more than myself about performance craft. I love the looks of the Kayak Pro Jet but am afraid it might be to unstable for me to have fun in. Thanks.

Maybe an Epic 16X or Touring Cruiser 16?
Both are available below 40 lbs, but the Touring Cruiser 16 would have to be found used - no longer made.

My carbon Touring Cruiser 16 weighs 36 lbs.

I tried the Eddyline Fathom this summer and liked it very much.

I’m not familiar with the other boats on your list.

To bad you live in nebraska as there is
a used Cobra Eliminator in Elkhart Indiana for $590. That way you could try a sit on top performance kayak without dropping a lot of money. Read some of the reviews and see what you think. Its not a composite but is still fast.