NEW Kayak dealer in Detroit area

now, now…
I have friends from Ohio and they’re good peoples…

That was you Keith?
Well it’s nice to have met ya…just wish I’d known it at the time.

umm yeah
have we met?

Okay let’s hear it
from the crazy Canuck…it’s Kmart here-I don’t see double when I look at their building! HAHA!!!

Would have been this past July
I brought in my GP by Eric Renshaw and some paperwork. You showed me your kid’s GP, very nice by the way.

oh ok, that was you.
I think I remember your face!

New Kayak Shop Metro Detroit
I think they opened sometime last spring. Their product selection keeps growing. It was nice to see that someone in the area picked up Valley.

But what if…
you were talking about two or more of them???



a michigander
would clearly say Meijer’s’s

Thank you
The boys from Hancock County appreciate your support!