NEW Kayak dealer in Detroit area

Hello all,

Just thought you’d like to know about a new kayak shop I found on Fort Street and Biddle in Wyandotte, MI. It is called Riverside Kayak Connection. They have a HUGE array of kayaks, from whitewater to British sea touring, and everything in between. Lots of accessories and excellent paddle selection. Must have seen about 100 kayaks in house for sale. Perception, Riot, Valley, Wilderness Systems, among other brands. Website is: They also have classes and planned tours and outings. Very nice people, let you look around with no pressure. Check it out.

the url is a dead link
What the story?

leave off the “s” of “kayaks”

thanks very much
got it now.

the endless question in the domain name registration. Should I use as few letters as possible or count on the midwestern tendency to make everything plural.

people in michigan possessive plural everything until they sound like gollum.

We don’t go to Kmart we go to Kmarts, it’s not Meijer, it’s Meijer’s,

I even hear people say things like parentses and uncleses. It drives me crazy.


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So true. One of my buddies works at "ford's". Secondary to that is the tendency to add apostrophes to anything ending in 's' (example: kayak's for sale).

Picky aren’t we?
Pardon me for trying.

A simple
Thank you would have sufficed, instead of that long tirade about people from Michigan. If you don’t like the way we talk, stay OUTS. hehehe

Good news
Anyone know how long they’ve been open? They certainly have a nice product lineup.

I’m glad someone is filling the local kayak shop void and I hope they do well.

Don’t take it personally
In a normal converstion you would have probably laughed along. I thought the digression brought on by the “s” on the web address to be entertaining. I have lots of neighbors that shop Meijer’s and Kmart’s. I’d never realized that we had a monopoly on the plural possessive in MI.

Fortunately I’ve never been subjected to uncleses or parentses. Must be a WESTERN MI thing :slight_smile:

Keeps dat up an yous’ll be sleepin’ wit da fishes!

it used to be meijer’s thrifty acres (back in my day) which is why we all say say it that way.

Thanks, but chill out
kwikle and seakak are both from MI, besides they’re just havin fun. BTW I’m in MI too, but I’m a transplant from Pittsburgh by way of Charleston WV. You should hear some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.


me too
I’m glad that someone will continue to sell high end kayaks in michigan, wyandotte’s a bit out of the way, but oh well.

BTW - Keith-
are you still involved at LeeS’s?


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Joe - sorry, no offense, just laughing at all of us here. Every state has its dialectic peculiarities. I'm also sort of an east coaster and you'd be amused at some of the speak in that area.

Thanks a bunch for the link though. With GRO selling to another operator who moved the company, and Benchmark falling off the map, it's great to see there is someone in the area who may be able to offer some of the product and knowledge they did. Also have heard good things about black parrot paddling in terms of instruction.

I’m from Michigan
I was making fun of the way WE talk.

grow a sense of humor.

actually I think even back in the day
it was Meijer Thrifty Acres

not Meijer’s.

That still doesn’t explain kmarts.

(running for cover)

that’s right, it was meijer. no s. (Those people who use uncleses and auntses must have moved here from another state.)

yeah probably ohio
curse those buckeyes!