New Kayak(er) 90% Happy...I think

Okay, so I used a 12’ Old Town boat about 2 weeks ago down a creek here and decided that I had to have something similar. After a little research I determined that what I was paddling was the predecessor to the the Loon 120. The boat I was in was the Casco 120. It has the same look and the exact same measurements (loa, beam, cockpit demensions) as the Loon 120.

Anyway, I wanted something that would be a little more suited for some open water, as well as provide some manuerverability in local springs / creeks, etc.

Picked up the Cayuga 146 on Monday. Had it out on a large bay MOnday and Tuesday PM. It didn’t seem all that much quicker than that old boat that I was in a few weeks ago (i’m also pretty sure that the rudder on this thing doesn’t add anything besides a marketing talking point)

my two trips thus far. Scenario. 1ft chop and variable 10-15.

Across the wind (waves w/wind…paddling in trough) as hard as I could paddle: 5.2mph. Leisurely: 3.8.

Into the wind (12-13 at this point) as hard as I could 4.5.

Down wind as hard as I could 6.5mph.

The only dircetion that I did any distance was across the wind and about 3.8 was what I was able to do w/out tiring.


Do these speeds seem about right? High? Low? I’m most concerned with the sustainable 3.8 across the wind. Seems and FELT low.

I had read somewhere that this boat doesn’t glide, but i had no problem with that. Did have some problem getting it going, though. Might this be paddle technique?

Paddle I bought was the Carlisle 230CM Fiberglass Enchantment. I think it’s a new paddle. Anybody know anything about it.

Like i said, i don’t know what I was expecting, but it just didn’t feel much more efficient than that old Casco I paddled a while back. For rougly $1,100, I was hoping for a bit more. love the storage, boat is comfy, etc was just expecting a bit more (i know, I know, should have paddled before buying).

BUT, the “slowness” may just be my perception. Would a vetran or two please comment on those speeds and let me know if they sound about right for a novice. That would put me at ease. having a bit of buyers-remorse.

I’m 6’1, long torso, 190.

Thanks guys and gals,


Congratulations–you bought a slug.
Just kidding.

That boat looks great for paddling slow rivers and lakes/bays. Like garyr says, just enjoy it and paddle. If you decide that you just have to have a faster boat, you can always get a long, skinny sea kayak. If you decide you would like to run whitewater rivers, you can always get a short, squatty whitewater boat. If you really love paddling, this will not be your last (or only) boat.

Put awas the GPS
Go paddle, get out on the waves with the light dancing on the water and wind whistling off your bow, enjoy your new kayak.

If you get hooked it won’t be your last kayak.

If you are prone to focus on how much they cost, next time buy a used boat.

For the boat, the times sound good
If you want to go faster, then like someone said you have to get a longer thinner yak.



This is average performance for the craft you describe.

I own the same boat and I use it regularly for day trips out to the beach and for clamming and fishing. My entire family makes use of it daily. Dogs, kids , can be carried for short trips around the pond because of the gigantic cockpit. Its not much excitement on rivers and moving tidal water because of its wider design and keel line.

Enjoy the time to practice your basic skills then buy another boat that goes faster and is more manueverable.

Big Mac

giant cockpit. dogs? kids?
The cockpit is certainly a good bit larger than a real touring boat, but i don’t know about dogs and such.

Maybe you’re talking about the Loon…?

The Cayuga:

loa 14.5

beam 24.5

cockpit 15.5 x 32

disp. 50lbs

The Loon 12:

loa 12

beam 28.75

cockpit 17.5 x 42.5

When you say the performance i listed is about rigth for such a boat, I pray that you’re not talking about the Loon 12. If you are, then I goofed big-time.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my boat, I’m just not sure where the extra $400 went from the Loon to the Cayuga.


casco and loons are the same
the casco and loon is the same boat. loon is just the rename of casco.

about right
speeds are about right. now go paddle. top speed is pretty sluggish but 3.8 cruising is about normal. my elaho with me paddling top just under 7mph and cruise around 4.2. my 11 ft long river runner(that PLOWS water like a steam roller) with a homebuilt strap on skeg will cruise just over 3 mph and top around 5.5.

New Kayak(er) 90 % confused I think
or I am !

If you are responding to my post, I was responding to your post.

Where did I say anything about “Giant cockpits, dogs or kids” ?

I was responding to the question regarding your speed.



not casco cayuga
Hes not refering to the casco, but the cayuga. its a light day touring boat, similar to the perception carolina.

14.5ft 24.5" wide small cockpit, front and rear flotation.

a nice day touring boat.