New Kayak for large paddler

OK, looking for advice on a new kayak. My girlfriend is on the large size and we are looking at getting her a nicer kayak than the cheapy 10 footer that she has now.

We live right on the rum river, so that is about the only place we paddle. It is a nice slow, shallow river. Just really nice recreational paddling.

I am looking at a Wilderness systems Pungo 12 UL for her. I think it should be stable enough, and a big upgrade from the 10’ play boats. Am I looking in the right direction, or are there some other good contenders that have the large cockpit as well as stability, and are able to hold the weight of larger paddlers?

Thanks in advance.

Best advice I could give would be to find somewhere that will let her sit in the kayak and see how it feels.

For a larger person you might want to look at the Pungo 125.

I weigh 230 and that is almost too much for a 120. A 140 works better for me.

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Or maybe even a Tsunami 125 if you want her to enjoy some performance.