New Kayak - Help Me Eqip!

I recently bought the Flex Vertex 8’6 foot single loader kayak. I liked the portability of the kayak as I can throw it in the back of my accord with the seat down real easily. However, aside from stock storage bungees on the bow, stern and right center, it came virtually unequipped.

I am looking for good values, not always the cheapest stuff, but also not top end by any means. I believe I need a Splash Skirt, Seat (padding), Whatever protection goes around the cockpit opening, and suggestions on a few ordinary necessities.

I obviously already have a paddle (2 of them actually) and PFD. I am open to all suggestions. Thank you in advanced.


You will want to check into what flotation is in the boat, if you take it on rivers or big lakes you probably want some float bags in it.

It’s meant for paddling calm water, you may get by for a while without a skirt if you stick to small lakes and calm river paddling. Learn how to capsize it and dump it out. You probably should also buy a pump.

Eventually you will need a drysuit…
because you won’t want to stop paddling just because the water gets cold. But the season is still young, don’t worry about that yet. You might want a drybag to store your wallet, keys and a dry set of cloths. Other then that, enjoy your new boat, and welcome to the crew.

Thanks Guys!

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Awesome, thanks guys.

Ive been out a few times, both in the Lehigh River which gets a bit rough Current wise towards the center and in the Canal which is much calmer and a more serene kayaking spot for the amateur.

I did Capsize as suggested today and got all the water out. I also use a Small drybox, for my keys and such. I actually made some video of the paddle that I will Eventually post a link to when I am done making it. Thanks for all the quick replies... Love the Yak.

Edit: I forgot to mention, the kayak came with one float bag for stability in the rear. Is this something I should consdider getting a small second one of?

I am surprised
that nobody has mentioned the basic safety equipment: throw bag with line, pump or bailer, whistle or sound signalling device, a white light if going out after sunset. I find that many people go out and get their first boat and manage to forget (or just not realize) the need for these legal requirements.

Look here
Guidelines on this site - they have articles that talk about basic equipment. Second the float bags.

hey X

you might like the dual purpose drybags/float bags made

by Wildwasser, called the Overnighters. They come in two lengths. A pair lets you put one in each end, or two side by side in the bow and stern, as needed.

Each one seals like a drybag so you can put stuff inside (not stuff you need to have at the ready). After they’re sealed there is an inflation tube as for a float bag.

Very nice and sturdy. I use the shorter pair for tripping and, one time, for someone’s else’s kayak as bow floatation when they forgot/lost the bow hatch cover & we had to do an emergency temporary fix.

Aqua Adventures in San Diego has them, and they’ll ship.

Drybags & Skirt Suggestion
If you’re touring/camping I highly reco the Sea to Summit eVac dry bags:

Also, my favorite skirt is the Seals “Sneak” Sprayskirt (only if you don’t plan on rolling). It’s great for casual paddling and convenient with a zipper to get into the cockpit: