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Hello I am new to white water kayaking and have only ridden borrowed boats. I would like to purchase one of my own . I think that I would like to start out in an inflateable kayak before I move into a hard boat. Because of my skill level I need something that is stable yet controllable. From what I have been able to find out from friends and the web this is probably the best way for me to go. I am also thinking self bailing with at least some cargo capacity, kneestraps, and whatever else could help. Given that information the question is what boat or boats to choose from!? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

Take a look at

Lots of good, objective information.

Forget the inflatables
There are lots of hard shell WW kayaks out there that are perfectly reasonable for people starting out. And the potential for learning and enjoying is substantially greater than an inflatable. Don’t be timid. Do what you are able to do and maximize your enjoyment. Get some lessons. Rent or borrow kayaks. You will find that inflatables are real dogs. They do get you down the river safely but that is about all. Comparatively they are much more difficult to maneuver and have limited capacity to do the things that make WW rivers fun. And a decent inflatable kayak is more expensive than a quality used plastic WW kayak that will serve you very well. Just my humble opinion. :slight_smile:

new kayak help
OK maybe a hardboat would be the way to go however, as I said I am a beginner so I would need something very stable to start out with. I live in the northern third of Indiana so there is nowhere close to take lessons. Can you suggest a couple of different ones to choose from? I read on here about planeing and non planeing boats and if I understand correctly the planeing type would be what I need?

Don’t buy a boat!

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Take a lesson first, and try to find a club to paddle with. The class will supply equipment. Many clubs have gear you can borrow, and most paddlers are happy to let you try out their gear. Buying a boat with zero experience and trying to teach yourself whitewater paddling is a bad idea.

Duneland Canoe & Kayak Club Hamlet, IN
Earlham College Wilderness Program Richmond, IN
East Race Whitewater Kayak Club South Bend, IN
Hoosier Canoe Club Indianapolis, IN
Purdue Canoe and Kayak Club Lafayette, IN
Wildcat Canoe Club Kokomo, IN