New Kayak help

-- Last Updated: Apr-18-07 6:19 PM EST --

I currently have an Advanced Frame Convertible kayak, got it as a starter that was pretty inexpensive just to see if both me and my girlfriend would like kayaking. My girlfriend is afraid to be in her own kayak so I am looking for a composite tandem. The problem I am having is she is small 5'-4" 110lbs and I am big 5'-8" 255 lbs. Most of the kayaks I have sat in are difficult for me to get into. I was looking at the CD Kestrel 170t but nobody in my area (that I have found) has one in stock, finding a place that rents them seems pointless as most rental places I have called only really rent out the plastic tandems. I need a kayak that is $3000 or less isn't too heavy (I have to be able to get it up on my truck, and isn't too long. The 17' Kestrel tandem seemed to fit the bill but I would have to special order it and I don't know if i can get in it. I was told by the dealer there wouldn't be any at either of the local symposiums either.

Any suggestions for a tandem w/ cockpits that arent tiny. I would like to stay away from the big open cockpits like the Manitou.

I’d test-sit as many as you can, regardless of the price, and when you find one that fits look for a used one.

Another option is to build – you could easily customize the cockpits.

canoes weigh half as much
My brother has an 18ft 6in kevlar canoe that weighs 44#. Used kevlar canoe might be very practical for you. Make sure you have a footrest for paddler in rear. For stability, you could get on your knees to really lower the center of gravity.

efficient solo canoe…?
Let her try renting an efficient solo canoe(if you can ever find one to rent or more probable, demo)

Actually a canoe
was the first thing I brought up to her and she just isn’t interested in it for whatever reason, I did finally find a place that has the Kestrel 170t to demo I just had to broaden the search. Going Saturday, are new kayak prices negotable? I know at a place like REI they arent but in a local Paddle shop?