New Kayak, need skirt

Now that I’m in my 2nd year of kayaking I decided to upgrade from my Heritage Featherlite 14 beginner kayak into a Necky Manitou 14. The Heritage will be my new buddy boat as everyone I’ve put in it has enjoyed it but I am ready to try rolling etc.

Found a great deal on a new 2009 from Appomattox River Co. in VA (highly recommend them) and it’s sitting on the dock of my local freight company right now (4 hours is going to be a long time).

I have a half skirt and a full skirt for my Heritage and looking for a half skirt for the new Necky.

I would like to find a half/sun skirt that has a pocket in it for maps etc since the Manitou does not have a hatch that is easily accessible in the boat.

Anyone have any recommendations?

this is what u need
hi .below is a link to what you need.diff companies make them…they are called " splash decks" by some companies. google up kayak splash deck

has a Seals splash deck for $35. I bought one for my Manitou 13 and it worked well.

Thanks for the information, exactly what I wanted.

Now if I could just find one in yellow I would be all set. Black is too hot in the summertime down here and of course in all the stores I’ve found that is the only color you can get.

Love mine too
I have the Seals splash deck for my Manitou Sport and love it.

I wouldn’t worry about the black being hot. Since the splash deck doesn’t touch you, the a air can circulate.

there is a Gaia brand “half deck” available on Amazon for just $20 that comes in yellow, but doesn’t have a pocket. for maps I’d rather have a waterproof map case attached to the front deck rigging. and a small dry bag under the deck or behind the seat for snacks and other stuff.

Check out
the Seals website. I believe you can special order them in yellow.

look here …

#0702 skirt in yellow , probably bettter to call them and ask for details of skirt.

Any color u want, as long as it’s black

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If you don't mind black, (as stated above, it shouldn't matter since it's open to the air) Dick's has one with 3 pockets and a drink-holder. If you need pockets AND somewhere to put your drink, you can't beat it.



I have the small version, and I'm pretty sure that's the one you'll want for your Manitou. I've never seen the large version, so I don't know how much bigger it is. The three pockets are kinda small on mine though, so if you're gonna have a map in there it's gonna have to be folded up pretty well and in a ziplock, since the pockets are mesh.