new kayak paddle for Ally 15

Hi Guys ,
I am new to the canoe scene but just purchased a Ally canoe for a 3000 km trip next year , it came with two basic paddle but I am looking for to buy a good “kayak paddle” since most of the time I will be alone on the canoe . I will not be doing very fast river but some minimal water current (2 to 5 miles ) and plan to do about 25 to 35 KM per day . I saw the Aqua Bound Eagle and it seems good but then again I am new so I am open to any good suggestion but keep in mind that my budget is $150 to $300 max … I am 5"11 and the width of the canoe is 33 . also should I get a 230-240 cm or the 250cm.
Thanks again for your help

Outdoorplay has the Aquabond paddle on sale. As to length, that is very personal. If at all possible , you need to sit in one and paddle. It will take a lot of reach to get to the water.
You can get an idea with a cardboard box and a stick.
Paddles can be shortened if you are handy.

Thanks string so if I understood a bit , that mean that I can take the longer one ……

The issue with a long paddle is it puts more stress on your body than one that is the correct length for you and your boat.
One that is too short will have you in positions that are not efficient and your hands will take a beating on the edges of the boat.
At least with the longer one, you won’t have wasted your money.

I believe the Ally 15 is has a maximum beam of 84 cm and is 34 cm deep (13.5 inches) . We used to use kayak paddles with our Mad River Adventure 16 canoe which was also 84 cm at the central gunwales and slightly deeper at 37 cm. In the bow position I used a 230 cm Werner Skagit kayak paddle and my partner in the stern used a 240 cm Skagit. I am 5’ 5" and he was 5’ 9".

I have also used a 230 cm Cannon 4-piece carbon Wave model kayak paddle to canoe in the bow position. If you are traveling with the Ally packed, the Cannon 4-piece paddles break down to less than 70 cm. They are reasonably priced at $159 and they also often have some marked down to $119 due to factory blemishes. That is what I bought (second link). That is really quite a good price for a decent partial carbon breakdown paddle.

If you can find a t-handle that fits the shaft to convert half the paddle to a canoe type paddle that would add versatility.

Great links and advices thanks , I will try also to find a T handle that can adapt to the specific model this could be of great help.
appreciated the help .

I think the T handles are 25 mm in diameter. I just checked my Cannon Wave and the internal shaft width is just that so it ought to fit.

Length depends on the seating station. I don’t know if you are using this solo or tandem. If solo 33 inches is a wide span as you will be seated more in the middle. Tandem stations are entirely different; you can get away with a much shorter paddle.

KM: with a tandem canoe that short (and I’m remembering our Old Town Guide 146) the stern paddler is reaching over the same bow width as would a solo paddler smack in the middle of the boat. My ex used the 240 cm Skagit in that canoe as well and it worked OK for him – that canoe was 5" wider at midbeam and probably about 35" at the point on the gunwales where he was reaching.

I’m also thinking he’s going to have a higher waterline carrying gear and provisions for a 3000 km trip. So less reach to the water, right? Always hard to predict what exact length would work. The Ally seats have adjustable height – he’s probably going to want to go low if he is heavily burdened.

If he has a lot of stuff it matters not. When I load some of my solos they transform from bucking bronc to placid pony
All my solos are 24-28 inches wide at the gunwales at the center paddling station and are “that short”. Range from 14 feet to 15’9. There are too many of them. I use a 230 because I want a low angle approach to avoid drippage. I am 5’5"… So I think in the OP case he has to go at least 240.

Till you start carrying moose and fresh water the waterline changes surprisingly little that it would significantly alter the waterline reach. Sure it does change; take a look at this table for a slender less voluminous workhorse than the Ally workhorse.
The Ally would change even less. Between 320 and 540 lbs there is one inch change. Kind of surprising… Though the most I want to dare load this particular boat is 375 lbs.

Thanks guys , thanks to my other trips ( RTW motorcycle and trek ) I learned to pack pretty light so I will not see myself carrying more than 50 to 60 KG ( about 100 pounds ) and this will include food and water . I plan to do few small 0ne week to 2 weeks trip in the US prior the big trip to get the all set up perfect and figure weight and optimal configuration.

It does sound like a 240 would be your better bet, based on kayakmedic’s experience with similar boats and loading.

I did find an Ebay vendor selling the Cannon Wave 4 piece fiberglass version in 240 cm for $119. It’s only 4 ounces heavier than the carbon 230 cm. For some reason, Airkayaks doesn’t sell the Cannon paddles in any size over 230 cm, though they do have the Accent Carbon in 240 cm (second link).

And we all want to know about your upcoming trip

I take it it involves a bush plane

OK great , first before you all tell me how creasy or insane I am … let me tell you about me , I travelled a lot , 2 trip around the world on motorcycle ( I just came back in January to the US from my second one) , plenty of trek in mountain in Asia /South America , Africa and Europe , solo trip on sail boat from Florida to Venezuela and other adventure . I am new to canoe trip and adventure but I just bought an Ally for my next adventure . I will go down the Amazon river alone on canoe from Cucui (border of Venezuela and Brazil ) to Belem (end of the Amazon river. Its a old dream of mine and I need to realize it , I have been plenty of time in the jungle of the Amazon in Brazil and Venezuela but never on canoe. I organize everything by myself but I am always happy for any tips or helps. So OK I am creasy or ….

Or, You Da Man! You are leading quite the life.

I work hard and sometime even smart and try to enjoy as much as I can , my American dream

Wow, I am impressed! You will have to keep us updated on your expedition.

I will , at this stage I am getting in shape , working the maps situation / logistic and getting into the canoe stuff