New kayak seems unbalanced (without paddler)

I just purchased a Field and Stream Blade, but it seems to be off balance. When I set it on its left side (without anyone/anything in it), it tips over to its right side. I hold it all the way down on it’s left side, and it still tips back over to the right. I seem to think it shouldn’t do this. I’ve examined the hull and it appears to be correctly shaped. Does anyone have input? Should I return it? I’m concerned that this would persist in the water, which I would try, but I can’t return it once it’s been in the water (unless I can prove there’s a defect).

A lot of plastic kayaks are rotomolded. Sometimes there is more material left on one side than the other. If it bothers you try another one.

Any chance you could post photos or videos of what you are doing and what it is doing?

Side of the boat or side of the bottom of the hull.

Bottom of the hull.

That doesn’t sound very serious. I’m wondering how you can notice it on such a flat bottom boat. A picture could tell us but I 'd just tell you to get in it and see if it paddles ok. It isn’t a very sophisticated kayak. The big one is 12 ft, $300 rec kayak. Chances are whatever it is you see will go away when weight is in the boat.

Sometimes rotomolded boats are still warm when they come out of the mold. The makes the plastic a little thicker in some spots. It isn’t a problem.

I had the first Orion Olympic boat that MotionTech made. They bought the molds from Wenoah when they merged with Current Design kayaks.

You could not float it in the water by itself. It would immediately turtle and sink. Even that didn’t harm the way it paddled.