New kayak suggestions

I have been using SOT and a native ultimate. I would like to try a sit in boat. I’m very water friendly and I’d like to learn the true sport. I’d like speed and something capable of boating coastal waters and surfing the waves.

My issues are first, I’m 6’2" and 230# and it seems most boats are for all the slight build folks. Secondly, there are not many options to test boats around here. I live in Houston, big city, but almost all of the boats are for fishing and not touring or open water boats.

I’d welcome some input to boats that would be good starget boat that is more an intermediate boat that will perform.

Thanks in advance

Houston TX?
If so you have Austin kayak here are there locations

go there and check them out.

Are you looking to just day paddle or do you want volume to haul 50lbs of gear? Budget? Lots of great boats out there for a guy your size.

Southwest Paddlesports
They sell and provide instruction. Why not give them a ring and spend some time with an instructor who can give you some insight?

How committed are you?
What price range are you thinking?

I would suggest that if you are serious about paddling in big water (the Gulf) that you start looking at a proper sea kayak in the 17’ to 19’ size range. New boats that you will fit are going to run from $1500 to $5000.

Some suggestions: NC Expedition, Valley Nordkapp, Valley Etain, CD Isle, CD Caribou, CD Sirocco, CD Gulfstream, CD Solstice, P&H Cetus, Eddyline Raven, Eddyline Denali, Delta 17, Delta 18.5. There are many others, but these are a sampling.

some boat suggestions & buying suggestn
I am 220 pounds and 6’. Some boats that work for me for coastal day paddling and also surf well:

  • Dagger Alchemy 14.0L
  • P&H Delphin 155
  • P&H Hammer

    For more touring (carrying gears for multiple nights), you can look at most any boat listed as HV.

    Now a buying suggestion - take a class. Sit inside has a bunch of things that aren’t easy to pick up on your own, specifically safety things like getting back in on open water. Something you would do a lot of if you surf. Also, there are things like edging which you haven’t had to use with your current fleet but help make the touring boats much more efficient. And bracing which helps keep you from flipping (which you may or may not have had to do in the past).

    Most places have an intro to touring kayaking class, which covers basic strokes, info about boats (so good to do before you buy a boat to help you figure out what boat to buy), and self- and team- rescues. Surf zone (how to get in and out of surf) and surfing (riding the waves) are generally a separate class. Given you may not have a lot of options in your area, you may want to make a vacation of it - go to a location that has these classes and good conditions to work on and focus on learning these.

Day Trips? Camping?
If you will be doing mostly day trips try paddling non- HV (high volume) boats. Too much boat really detracts from the fun. If you plan to camp often then HV might be what you need.


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loose 30 pounds in the pool. Run and stretch.

I am at Rockport/San Padre some winters....the wind is too much for kayaking.

One winter there was ONE (1) UNO day calm enough... a Saturday.

The Austin shops are no more ? One in town, one on the river ?

I appreciate all the input. I’m just really shocked at the lack of sit in kayaks available here. I’ve been to Austin kayak and SW paddle and they don’t carry any in stock. It seems that it’s all sot and fishing which I can understand given I have 3 of those and just now looking for something more challenging.

Lots of good info.

Am a fan of the Wilderness Tsunami 125
Wilderness is the most popular kayak company in the world with good reason. Their boats tend to be a good balance between tracking, speed, stability and ability to turn.

Specifically the 125 is designed for larger paddlers (the even numbers are their smaller paddlers).

It’s a 12.5’ boat that I really like.