New kayak

Hi to everyone. I started kayaking in June using a cheep $200.00 kayak and I can’t stop. Looking to upgrade this spring and would like a SOT that is fast and easy to paddle to do some touring in the bay. The boats I am thinking of are the RTM disco or the Bic scapa.Anyone know anything about these kayaks.

Bic Scapa
Don’t know anthing about the boat other than having read the reviews. There is currently one listed on the Jersey Shore craigs list so you might want to see it. See if you can get a test ride. From the reviews it looks like you need to be in the weight range for that boat.

Scapa vs Disco
I think the Disco will be better in the chop and the Scapa will be a little faster in the flat. I had the Scapa and have tried a Disco a few times. If I was going to get one for my all around boat for rough and calm waters I’d get the Disco.

They seem wide to me
First off iam new to kayaking so for whats its worth. I never even heard of those brand kayaks so i just took a look at the specs. There both 26 inches wide. Seems awfuly wide to be very fast of a kayak.

I went through a couple of kayaks and from what i found long and narrow is generaly faster. Most faster kayaks are in the 22 inch wide range but there also longer at 15 to 16 feet or more. But most 14 footers are still in the 23 to 24 inch wide range. My Necky manitou 14 i recently sold was 24 inch wide 14’ 5" long. My current kayak is 22 inch wide and 16 feet long. I also had one at 13’ 11" 26 inches wide. That was the slowest by far. Of course hull design plays a major role but just about any kayak that is faster is also not to wide.

After test paddling a bunch of other kayaks i wouldnt want anything in the 14 foot long range any wider than 24 inch at most. Alot of kayaks out there that meet that spec. If cost is a factor look for used. Thats what I did for my last kayak.

If you are interested in SOT kayaks
and you’re OK with buying a new boat, then you might be interested in this from Necky.

For a SOT it’s narrow, longish and I presume comparatively fast, but your options will be much greater if you also consider more traditional types of kayak.

wide SOT
yes theses boats are wide but for a SOT there not to bad. The necky vector 14 looks nice but at 63 lbs. it seems to heavy. I would like to stay with a SOT because of ease of reentry I am out on my own most times.

I’d say
I don’t really like SOT Kayaks, but that Vector 14™ Polymer is a very pretty boat. I like the look of that.