New Kayaker-need help!

Hi guys! So, I ended up getting 2 barely used Perception Odyssey 11.5 for my first kayaks. So that’s done. I bought a Yakima roof rack for my naked roof and I got two Yakima Bow Down kayak carriers to mount to the roof rack. Took me a while to install but I did it. What I’d like to see is if there is anyone in my area, North Babylon, south shore of Long Island, who can give me a lesson on tying these bad boys down. I will try another Long Island Paddlers meeting but that’s not for another week or so. Sooo, anyone wanna share their knowledge in person? I do have instructions, but I think in person instructions would help me much more. Any takers???

Come on down to Maryland and I’ll happily show you how to tie one on, or, check this YouTube:

Depending on your vehicle, you may or may not find tie off points under the
Bumper. Many modern vehicles don’t have ‘em. Kayakers often resort to finding something solid under the hood to which they attach line or webbing loops. Then they run the loops out from under the hood, close the hood and tie off to the loop. If you tie off under the bumper, make damn sure the line doesn’t come loose, since that often results in running over the line and really messes up the boat/rack/car.

Maybe you can go see Marshal. How far is Hyde Park?


Marshall is a bit upstate from me. 78 Miles to be exact! And Maryland is even further! But I will look at the YouTube video! Thanks for the response!

As in the video, biggest mistake I see from newbies is they run the straps wrong. They run them all around the boat rather than looping them from the inner (or upper) point of the rack to meet the clip and the other end together somewhere outside where you can reach them. Reason is obvious the first time you take a longer trip, you will often find that you need to cinch them down a bit tighter after some miles. Or if it rains. So have the loose end facing down to make it easier to make that adjustment. I tie off the extra to anything that is available

And I use hood loops as well, just have some leftover line from my last rerigging job and tie it off to the brace under the hood. My husband and I used the lines etc fro m Thule that ran down near the bumper for exactly 1 paddle. Two blocks from home one came loose and was dancing near the front wheel well, While we likely failed to cinch it well, bottom line is that if I use the hood loops the line never gets ling enough to be a problem if I have an inattentive moment tying up after the paddle.

Good video above… here’s another:

Also, here are a couple options for tying down the stern/bow lines to a hood or rear of the car:

Or a temporary fix, which I used for my trunk: