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Hi All,

I bought my first kayak and have done a few trips so far, also got some training with a very seasoned friend. I've done a few trips already, first was a 12 mile trip on a river that runs through Cortland NY, Then a 2 trips down the Lackawanna River after it had rained and the level was up pretty high, and a 12 or so mile trip down the Lehigh Putting in at Glen Onoko. I have a Cobra FishnDive Kayak which is basically a truck. It's also a SOT which keeps me from overstepping my limits right now. Not very nimble or small, but very comfortable and stable for what I've been doing. I'm guessin class 1, 2, and maybe occasional class 3 waters. Oh yeah, almost forgot, did an awesome guided whitewater rafting family trip on the Upper Hudson near Lake George a few weeks ago :)

I'm live within walking distance of the Lackawanna river near Scranton and know it fairly well, but it usually runs very low unless it has rained hard. Willing to meet up with more experienced people who are familiar with other rivers, Lehigh, Lackawaxen, Lackawanna, etc. I'm only an hour from Binghamton so NY waters as well. Willing to travel and available Saturdays/Sundays/Some Fridays.

I have people I can kayak with close to me, but it seems most are not into white water. I've had a lot of experience on rivers, especially canoeing/camping, and am a strong confident swimmer, I most likely wouldn't hold anyone back on moderate class rivers, and know I shouldn't be going this alone, especially on unfamiliar waters.

So if anyone is out there who wouldn't mind the company, I'm just an average family guy who would appreciate the chance to explore new sites nearby.

Thanks !!!


You might try Enter your location, a radius, and your interest and hopefully some groups of like-minded people pop up.

Or…ask around at a local outfitter if there is one…or a shop that sells kayaks…ask about local groups.

Hi neighbor, I’m up here near Great Bend
on the Susquehanna. My boat is stuck in Honesdale right now but I hope to have it back any time now. Let’s stay in touch.

I lived in the Wilkes-Barre area for over 10 years but it was some time ago. I doubt anyone I paddled with then would still be active now.

At the time I lived there I did not know of any decent clubs in the Wyoming Valley. I was a member of the Lehigh Valley Kayak and Canoe Club centered down in the Bethlehem area. The club held pool sessions and rolling instruction at the pool at Lafayette College which was an excellent facility. I understand that the pool is to be renovated this winter so I don’t know if it will be available in the coming spring.

There are facebook pages for the Lehigh Valley Kayak and Canoe Club and a Lehigh Valley Whitewater public group that you can check out. No doubt you can find other local meetup groups.

If you are serious about kayaking whitewater I would consider joining a club. You will definitely want to get a different boat and with a larger club there are usually always members who have extra boats that you can try out. Clubs also usually offer some type of inexpensive instruction for rolling, and sometimes on-water clinics, as well as pool sessions. These amenities might not be available through a meetup group.

You should also consider getting some formal instruction. I can personally recommend my friend Vern Graham as an excellent instructor who frequently does instruction on the Lehigh River. Vern can be located on facebook (Vernon C Graham) and is ACA certified in both kayak and canoe whitewater instruction. He is active with the Canoe Club of Greater Harrisburg, another large club.

The upper Lehigh River has some decent whitewater between White Haven and Glen Onoko, much better than the lower section. Nescopeck Creek is also great fun, as long as you don’t mind paddling in runoff from the underground mines. Well, I did it many times, have not yet died, and the Nescopeck is certainly no worse than the Lackawanna in that regard.

There are some excellent seasonal whitewater creeks in the northern tier of PA counties but you would need a lot more experience to do these and you would have to be prepared for very cold water.

Very nice paddling with much milder rapids are on the Susquehanna between Towanda and Tunkhannock, and on the Delaware River directly to the east.

You do not need to be a member of a club or group in your local area. The club or group will come to you as they all tend to paddle the same rivers.

always wanted to paddle
loyalsoc creek (spelling?) at worlds end state park. Passed through there several times but could never catch it with enough water. Just looked like a fun little paddle- maybe someday when I’m passing that way again.

Loyalsock Creek
Loyalsock is one of the better-known creeks in the northern tier of PA counties and is an excellent run with a serious Class IV rapid at the “Haystacks”.

There are quite a few smaller, less well-known creeks in this area. Unfortunately, they are very seasonal and can only be counted on to run in early spring during snowmelt. Some of these counties are very sparsely populated so that in early spring the roads leading to the streams may not be passable due to snow and ice. The result is very cold water and a sometimes arduous trek/carry to get on and off the streams.

Loyalsock is a bit better in this regard because of World’s End park.

Any takers for tomorrow ? PA.

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I recently picked up a whitewater boat and would like to use it tomorrow. In Scranton Wilkes Barre area and willing to travel. I've done mild/moderate white water, lehigh from Glen Onoko and downstream. Looking for a bit more challenge. Hope to hear from you !!! Respond to my email.