New Kayaker

Hello, I am relatively new to the sport of kayaking and am about to purchase a kayak, which I will primarily use for exploration of the bays and oceans near my home. I am a certified canoe instructor, but am not as familiar with kayak rescues, etc. Could someone please recommend an instructional book or DVD that would help me learn the essentials (capsize, deep water rescue w/ paddle floats, etc.). Thanks.

I love these DVDs – good luck.

Check out Practical Kayaking
very informative for the basics. It only costs $20 and has a lot of information.



John Lull’s “Sea kayaking safety and rescue”

Did you check the ACA? They’ve got a lot of kayak info for instructors.

University of Seakayaking
Volume 1&2 by Wayne Horodowich. It is the probably the most comprehensive DVD on the market. The title says it all–Capsize Revoceries and Rescue Procedures.

You can order it right here from

Good dvd

Perfomance Sea Kayaking by Kent Ford.

Lull’s Book Is One Of the Better Ones

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it's more than a book about safety and rescue. I have plenty of those books. Rather, Lull's book is a training book on how to become a better rough water paddler.

While other books promote caution and the development of safety skills, in hedging sort of way. Lull seems to encourage you go out there and develop the skills proactively and to seek adventure (within the respective skill levels). It's matter of nuances but to me Lull's shading is much more to my liking then some of the other books out there.

While I refer back to Lull's book quite often, the other books sit on the shelf after the first reading.