new kayaker

Just looking for good places to visit and learn about kayaking…I love good forums and blogs.I have a bit of ocd and need to find the best websites and forums to.This seems like the best place but im sure there are others srry if it is disrespectful but i need all the info i can get.

how bout a couple good websites or me and my kids to check out …thks


Random Sites
A couple informative sites:

One man’s review of various models he paddled:

Not pushing Necky kayaks but some of Ken Whiting’s videos from his instructional DVD’s are included here:

Interesting reviews and comments:

And always good for a laugh:


thank you been doing alot of reading

kayak site

– Last Updated: Aug-08-11 11:07 AM EST – may be of interest to you. :)

a little different
This one has some excellent trip reports, terrific photos and great background on how traditional kayaks are made:

Offers classes for building your own custom kayak, too.

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