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Just bought 2 kayaks. Do I have register them in the state of PA?

You don’t need to
register them, per se, but you DO need to get a launch permit if you intend to paddle on any state water. It’s nine dollars a year and I find it easiest just to go to the ranger station and fill out the form. You’ll get a sticker that you have to put on the boat in the middle of the right side. I usually get permits for two years rather than one. You can also do this through the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

other states
Do you know anything about out of state? Would a PA sticker be sufficient for Virginia, NC, or Long Island? Would I need permits for each state?

Thanks for the answer

New York…
You don’t need any sticker or registration in NY state.

NY state makes a whole lot more money by charging $7 per day for parking at a lot of launches than they’d ever make doing registration for paddle craft…

Long Island
What Celia said is true. However, Long Island gets a little more complicated. Some places charge for parking as Celia mentioned. Others are for residents only and the car needs to have a sticker. And then there are some free state boat ramps. Out in Montauk Long Island, there’s a little free state paddling launch site on Fort Pond with a nice little parking lot right next to it. Very nice for a quiet scenic paddle. Then there’s the outfitters who will charge a few dollars for use of there facility. Bottom line, check before you go for Long Island.

NYC actually does ask that the boats be registered for $15 and have a sticker to use the free public ramps, however, I’ve never heard of anyone being stopped for not having one.


For crying out loud!
Please keep it down before the politicians in Vermont get wind of this and start charging for parking on public (taxpayer supported) land. Paying a fee to paddle in public water and park on public land, jeez what will they think of next?

North Carolina
You don’t need a permit or sticker for NC. Just come and enjoy with the “good old boys”.

A suggestion.
Register them with yourself:

copy the serial numbers down and file them away in with your other records and files.

You just never know when one of them might go missing, and that serial number is your means of identification.



Usually states requiring permits observe
reciprocity with other permitting states. For example, if you have a PA permit and go to Minnesota, you will not need a Minnesota permit. But if I go there from Georgia, I am SCREWED, while PA and MN boaters can paddle GA rivers and lakes for free.

I hope you never have a dozen boats like I do, and move to a state requiring permits. I would prefer a paddling permit like a fishing or hunting permit… Permit the user, not each of his guns or rods.

I’d buy a car if I could park that cheap!!!

Paddling in Virginia
You dont need a sticker in Va either. No launch permits either. So come to Va where you can enjoy the water for free while it lasts!

for all your replys. Leaving for VA tomorrow!!!

No sticker needed in Michigan…come on over and paddle the “Great Lake State”…but don’t give them any ideas for revinue…