New LL Remix xp10 question

I just bought a LL Remix XP 10. I will use this on mild rivers with class II rapids (possibly mild III) at most. Do I really need to keep the divider foam in the front of the yak? I know it is there for stability, but with dry bags stuffed in front I feel safe. It seems like it would get in the way and become a pain later on.

Thank you all.

not there for stability
it is there in case the boat gets pinned and your legs get trapped in there…

Definitely keep it in
It is for structural integrity. The air bags you have would keep the water out but wouldn’t keep the deck from crushing down if your boat was pinned. The deck would be way too flexy without the pillar. People have also used the pillar as a step in pin situations. That might be a worst case scenario though.