New map for the Upper Connecticut River

Hi all,

Just a heads up that a new paddling map is available for the Upper Connecticut River!

The Upper Connecticut River contains some of the most appealing landscapes of New England. This double-sided map is the most complete and ever made of the waterway.

Unique design details include:

Waterproof, ten parcel, two sided map covering 280 river miles

All river based recreational facilities (Access points, primitive campsites, campgrounds, portage trails, points of interest)

Business of interest to visitors (oufitters, lodging establishments, convenience stores)

Other recreational opportunities (side hikes, bike routes and paths, museums and cultural attractions)

Natural and cultural history insights

River mileages for access points and campsites

Recommended river trips and their durations

To learn more or order, visit:

Thanks good info

I don’t see a map there that’s specifically for the upper CT River. Do you have a link for the map you’re referring to?

Here you go -