New material for Valley Avocet

I noticed in Aug. 2010 Sea Kayaker magazine an ad by Valley which talked about an Avocet built using “Vacuum Composite Polymer” material. Very interesting, but their website says nothing about it. Does anyone have info or have actually seen one? The thought of a lighter than poly and less expensive than FG Avocet is very appealing…assuming it it both.

Thermoform ABS (NM)

Rumours have been about
for quite some time. I heard that Eddyline will build/is building them in the U.S. (like Rockpool’s Alaw Bach) with a heavier gauge thermoformed plastic. Don’t know when we might see them, but probably won’t be much of a weight savings. Likely a stiffer hull than poly and less expensive than composite, but I’m just guessing.

Saw it at Canoecopia

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It was a nice boat, seemed well constructed and very clean lined. Pretty much looked like a standard Avocet, but had the shiny finish that material gives. Talked a little bit about it to the valley folks but did not get to sit in it. Same valley seat, same deck fittings, same skeg control, just a different material. We will see what happens I guess. Oh.. and yes it was a few pounds lighter and less expensive by several hundred.. don't remember the actual price difference though

Seakayaker Magazine
See add on page 27 of the August issue of Seakayaker magazine.