new material?

What is the new stuff I see kayaks being made of? I know what FRP is (“fiberglass”) And I know what polyethylene is. But the new stuff looks sort like ABS, which is IIRC acrilonitrile butadiene styrene. I think some call it “acrylic”. It appears lightweight and stiffer than poly, with the scratch hiding properties of poly.

I don’t know what it’s made of…these folks have been making it for awhile

Little boats weigh less than big boats.

It’s polycarbonate
Eddyline has been using the stuff for years (they call it Carbonlite) and now other companies are climbing on the bandwagon. Most of the names you see are just marketing spew for the same thing.

Not correct Brian!
Eddyline boats are NOT polycarbonate. I won’t say what they are, as that’s not my place, but you are incorrect.


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I agree, they do not appear to be polycarbonate (Lexan). Golly, a ploycarbonate kayak would be almost indestructible. They look like ABS to me. One brand name of kayak material is Trylon. That is the material used by Hurricane Aquasports in SC for their material.

That’s not what I’ve been told

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Plus, everything about the material is the same, the look, the feel the repair methods, etc. They also do a laminate with Kevlar, if that's what you're thinking of.

If you have other information, let's hear it.

I’ll tell you once more
that they are NOT polycarbonate. I fully understand the modulus concept as well, and in fact they are moving away from Kevlar in favor of a better material. I’d tell you more, but I do not want to spread info without their permission. Call them, and lets let them decide what they want to divulge. Soo much mis-info out there…internet ain’t helping with that.


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According to Perception's web site, "Airalite kayaks are made of co-extruded high impact acrylic over premium impact ABS." I must admit that I thought that it was polycarbonate. At least Perception tells you what it is. I think that, because Eddyline calls theirs CARBONlite, I assumed that it was polyCARBONate.

According to Eddyline, Carbonlite 2000 is a two layer (except for the blue which is a three layer with one of the the layers being pearlescence) thermoformed plastic. What type of plastic is proprietary.

“Call them, and lets let them decide what they want to divulge. Soo much mis-info out there…”

When companies won’t tell the public what materials they’re using, it’s a fair game for the guessers. Everyone can claim they know something the public don’t. And who’s to say the manufacturers don’t dispers mis-info in the first place?

The less correct info coming straight from the company, the more mis-info there will be. The internet has got nothing to do with it. Dealers and sales people do that all the time long before the 'net.

Do you work for Eddyline…

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...or their plastic supplier? If not, what are you protecting? If they're not using polycarbonate, just tell us what the stuff is so that there won't be any more confusion.

When I first discussed the material with an Eddyline rep., I mentioned that it looked like polycarbonate. He gave me a rather sheepish look and just nodded his head, as if he wasn't supposed to say so, but I'd got it right. If I'm incorrect, I'd appreciate knowing the truth.

Don’t work for them…
but I do know the product. I’m simply respecting them by not sharing info that could be proprietary. Their number is 360-755-2300, or is it 757…One of the two…I’m going off memory, and it’s been a while.

BTW, I respect this company and it’s owners, and think they put out a good product. They are the leaders in thermoformed kayak manufacturing

speaking of Eddyline
do you know anything about the 17’x22" Phoenix (think that’s the name)?

Is that the one…
Is that the one that is made from polycarbonate?

[ducks and runs]

Whatever Eddyline is using . . .
Is great stuff. I love my Carbonlite boat. I don’t care what it’s chemical composition is. It performs wonderfully and looks great. That’s all I care about.


I care

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I care what the material is because it is important to know for maintenance and patching. AFAIK there is no know adhesive for polyethylene, for example. So I have to make quite a project out of welding mine pretty soon.

Lessee, acrylic (trylon) is what is also known as plexiglass? So that can be mended with polystryene cement? No, that's not right.

Methyl methacrylate…

– Last Updated: Apr-06-04 8:08 AM EST – what's used for reparing acrylic and polycarbonate. The other option is welding.

If I need to know how to repair . . .
I’ll just call Eddyline. In fact, before I bought my boat, the Eddyline distributor came to my outfitter and held a class on maintenance and repair. I’m sure the information will be available when I need it.