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Hey everyone. I just recently purchased an Emotion Tandemonium kayak, and have been enjoying it out on the springs and lakes of Florida. I am wanting to plan a trip out west, and was wanting to do a multi-day trip to Lake Powell. Many people I know that pull overnighters use sit-in kayaks or “touring” kayaks. Is it possible to do a two or three night trip with a sit on top? I have a lightweight tent and sleeping bags, dry bags, etc. The kayak has a very large storage area below deck, and a lot of room up top. I can easily fit all the camping gear above deck, but due to the small access hatch in the rear I cannot stash larger items there. I intend on reserving this area for food, clothing, and miscellaneous items.

I was debating doing some modifications to the hull that may permit easier access to under the deck. The storage under the deck runs all the way the length of the hull. Am I wasting my time? Should this kayak work out just fine without any mods and just some intelligent packing?

You have to do a series of loading
trials until you can get everything you know you will need in, or on, your SOT. I wouldn’t cut the hull. Some stuff may need to be packed in flexible waterproof tubes that you can slide back into recesses.

Are you planning to filter lake water? Are you clear about regulations concerning cooking fires and human waste removal?

If you are comfortable in your kayak,
I would say go for it, and don’t make any changes to the yak.

Make sure you have everything in dry bags and they are securely fastened.

Last March, a guy did the 300 mile Everglades Challenge on a SUP, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of crap he had to have with him in accordance with the rules.

jack L

agree with others
I agree with the others. Could work, but you really should try it out beforehand.

I have installed a hatch in a plastic boat (used a kit from SeaLect Designs), and it isn’t that hard. But keep in mind that much of the permanent flotation in a sit on top kayak is that hollow space in the hull. if you put a hatch in and it leaks, you could end up with a sunken boat. Make sure you do the job well.

Of course, there is a cost to driving from FL out to AZ with a kayak on your roof (reduced fuel economy). it may in the end be cheaper to just rent kayaks at Lake Powell.

Hidden Canyon Kayak
Hidden Canyon Kahyak in Page rents boat that would be a better fit for a multi day trip on Lake Powell. Good guys.