New member from WNY

Hello everyone, just checking in. I’ve been doing a lot of reading here as I prepare for my first kayak and must say the amount of information is quite a benefit. I have a fair amount of lake and fishing experience in conventional boats but I’m a complete newcomer to kayaks. With luck I can contribute something back someday, but until then I hope you can endure a lot of questions.

…to the tribe!


Questions are good…They usually start a good argument. Then you can sort through all the pros and cons, and come up with what suits you.

You should start by asking if you need a rudder, skeg or nothing and then watch the fun begin.



Welcome from another WNYer
Welcome to the gang!

I’m also a WNY kayaker, from the Southtowns. We get out paddling a lot. Contact me, if you like, and maybe you can join us sometime, or I can tell you where we paddle if you need some ideas on where to get out.

"You should start by asking if you need a rudder, skeg or nothing"

That’s good, but I thought I’d start off with “which is better, a SOT or SinK” lol

ness: from what I see, you have a lot of Lake Erie experience, something I would like to know more about. I sent you an e-mail earlier, if you don’t receive it, please let me know.