New member in Maryland

Just wanted to say hello to the community. I love camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing… basically anything outdoors. Joined to the board to find new adventures and possibly make some new friends… :smile:

Here’s a picture of my rig…

Sorry… Better pic

BTW… I’d like to try and take this rig (w/o the trolling motor of course) down some mild to medium rapids but would like to have someone with experience go with me. I’ve done some rafting trips in rapids but not with a canoe. Anyone interested? Let me know… Thanks

I’m from Maryland and I canoe or kayak in Maryland. You didn’t mention what where you are in Maryland. Me, I’m over Annapolis way.

If you are near DC, try the Violettes Lock loop on the GW canal. This can be done as a loop from Violettes Lock or if you have two vehicles you can set shuttle from Rileys Lock to Pennyfield Lock. Late in the summer, the paddle to Pennyfield gets difficult due to weeds clogging the river. There is good fishing, and the canal is a great place to taste some low classification rapids, Class II at the most. And you can’t get in too much trouble there. Go when the Little Falls gauge is 4’ or less, best at 3.25 or lower.

I’d slim down your rig for whitewater, for a couple reasons. It will be more maneuverable is you lean the canoe on edge, which will be difficult with the cooler “pontoons”. If you are doing the loop, you have to carry your boat 50 yards between the river and the canal. If you flip the boat, the less gear you have, and the tighter everything is packed in, the better.


So what kind of range and speed do you get on that rig?