New Mexico, Canoeing Rio Grande and ?

Does Anyone have any resources for lesser known runnable areas in New Mexico? We had a very wet winter and should have a good season.

I am especially interested in the Rio Grande between Cochiti lake and the south valley of Albuquerque…I have heard of this being paddled, but i question the paddling to walking ratio of such a trip…

Also interesting is the stretch south of elephant butte that is supposedly runnable…

What about the rest of our big river?

And anywhere else…any reports on the slower NM sections of the animas or san juan?

the pecos even?

I cant find much on the boards concerning NM, so any information or help would be greatly appreciated!!



Southwest Paddler
Try this link:

You may already be familiar with this site? Marc McCord is really a great resource for information about Rivers in and around Texas. I’ve used his site too many times to count. I’ll be following this thread because I’d love to come do some NM paddling! God Bless. Dwayne

Rio Grande near San Acacia…
I think the Rio Grande between San Acacia and San Antonio (~25miles) or San Marcial (~40+ miles) would be a good trip. Beautiful bosque (forest) lines the river and if you go all the way to San Marcial, you’d go through the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. The river here has been flowing almost 1000 cfs since sometime in November. I haven’t paddled this but it’s on my todo list. Here are a couple of links: (you can click on a station to see current/past flow data)

The river from Elephant Butte to Caballo can be paddled when it’s flowing but there’s not much shade/cover so it could be very hot and a very long paddle in the summer or wind. Here’s a link to see a flow schedule (click on the daily operations plan):

Try some of the addresses on this page

My friends used to live about 10 miles north of town and there was a small rapid by their subdivision, fun to run, I’m not sure about the river all the way you want to go but in many spots it can be paddled if the water is up.

New Mexico
I recently purchased a solo canoe and have been considering the same stretch of the Rio Grande.

I am also thinking about Navajo Lake for a week or so.