New NC Expedition 19 and COLD

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This past Saturday the 28th of November I took my new NC Expedition 19 out on a three hour paddle on the south shore of Lake Michigan fro Michigan City to St Joseph Harbor and back.
It was cold, snowing, and windy. There were 5 footers everywhere along the shore. I was a little nervous, as I had not been out on the water for quite a while.
But, it's still in my blood, and the new yak had me pumped to go out on my own knowing my survival skills from the service would back me up along with a new dry suit.
I was worried that a 19 foot boat might not handle, as well, as my old 16 footer that I used for river racing.
But, this yak cut through the breakers when I left shore like a knife and the yak handled so well in the rough water that I could not wipe the smile off my face the entire paddle. My buddy told me that a yak this big would need a rutter. But, the guys at NC told me that there was no needd for a rutter because of the boats design.
I'm a believer. The NC staff were right.
It was cold, but it seemed to me that this boat kept me alot warmer than my old roto yak.
I know this sounds like a sales pitch for NC, but this has been an enjoyable experience.
Thsi yak can carry 450 Lbs which really sold it for me too.
I can't wait for Isle Royal and to show off the fade paint job on this yak to my fellow vets.

you tend to see rutters more in the fall

So you’re suggesting that people try
bigger, longer sea kayaks, not just for paddling long distances, but also just for wavy conditions in one locale.

I’ve paddled a big OT Tripper on Lake Michigan opposite Lakeside, and also down the Galien River, but of course I would have found your lake conditions too difficult.

You might cross-post this on the Discussion Forum, or maybe bumping it up to the top again will draw some sea kayaker observations here.

Longer kayak
With a nearly 19’ of length (and may be just about 17" of it waterlength) my CD Extreme is a long-ish boat. But it is a pleasure to paddle when conditions pick-up.

On the other hand, in smaller area waters where the waves don’t get too tall (2-3 feet) but can be very close to each other, I think a shorter boat is actually more fun to have - the 19 feet can kind of hang on top of two waves with you pretty much suspended in air b/w them, where a shorter boat would surf better there. But going upwind the longer boat is typically nicer as it does not bounce up and down that much.

Hi Joel
Congrats on your new boat! Sounds like a good one. I know you are going to enjoy it, and hopefully camping with it!? It’s a lot of fun buying boats!