New NDK Seats -- 2 Thumbs Up!!!!!!

-- Last Updated: May-14-12 6:56 AM EST --

I made a post here a couple of months ago about the new NDK / SKUK high performance seats asking how people liked them, etc.

Well I finally did get my hands on a couple of them to install in my boats and just wanted to post my feedback.

Man...I love this new seat! It fits me a lot better and is more comfortable than the older stock seats. It also sits a bit lower which is great for me. The old stock seats were to high and I always felt tight in an Explorer and could not fit at all in a Romany with the stock seat. I always installed foam seats, but this is a much better solution than a foam seat.

I also really like the new higher seat back which provides better engagement / support for your lower back, and the new backband which is great.

The was a very, very worthwhile upgrade and really helps me feel better connected with the boat, which is a critical aspect to good paddling. Also was quick and easy to install

Just figured I would pass on some positive feedback on what I think is a really good upgrade.


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Sounds great
I have an NDK Romany Surf (triple dump plastic) which has the older seat. How much did the new seat cost?

I think they were about $125, but worth the money. Especially when you consider a foam seat is $100 (for the Valley version).

I’ve got a new
Pilgrim Expedition on the way…can’t wait to get out and play with it!!

What are you paddling these days Matt?


Where Did You Buy It?
I’m thinking of upgrading my Explorer as well.

do you mean to say
you’ve been paddling for years in a boat which doesn’t fit?!

Well, to be honest
I outgrew the Explorer LV (and not in a good way). It fit like a glove on the day I bought it.

I’m not quite as fickle as you, but found the QCC 400X to be too large and dull after a while, though it was the ultimate camping kayak. The Sirius fit perfectly but had to go for reasons I can’t remember, the Explorer LV shrunk, the Tiderace rear deck was too high, and now, I’m absolutely about to fit into my last kayak! If I grow out of this one I’m going on a diet.


Uh oh
If the Explorer LV became too small, how can the Pilgrim Expedition be a better fit?

I own both. I added a minicell pad under the LV’s (foam) seat and there’s some thin foam under the thigh braces. The depth at the front edge of the coaming is about 12.25 inches from the floor, IIRC. The Pilgrim Expedition’s hung glass seat is smaller, not bigger, and the same area is about 12 inches deep.

Did you order the “larger” seat, which NDK mentioned as an option? That would eliminate the seat problem, but if depth was tight,it’s still going to be tight. And if changing seats would make the LV fit you better, why would you switch to a kayak that’s almost 2" narrower instead of just replacing the old seat in the LV? I sure hope you won’t be disappointed.

We’ll see
my paddling style changed to Greenland style, so a tighter fit will hopefully suit me at this point in time.