New NDK / SKUK Seats????

Just wondering about the “new” NDK seats. I know they sit a good bit lower in the boat than the older hung seats and are a bit wider too I think.

Anyone know how they compare to the older hung seats in terms of seat height and width? Are they as low as a foam seat?

Anyone know where to buy one as a retrofit?

I am looking for a new seat that sits a little lower than the older hung seat but not quite as low as a foam seat which feels way too low to me without some paddking placed underneath.



When were they new?
If the seats are from 2009 or 2010, I have one in my Pilgrim Expedition. It is the best-fitting seat I’ve ever used. Therefore, it must be smaller than NDK’s old glass seat. I say “must be” only from my experience renting an older NDK boat with the hung glass seat. My own 2008 NDK boat has a foam seat under which I added 1/2" minicell to raise its height.

But I read on NDK’s website that they can provide two sizes of glass seats, so maybe mine is the default smaller one and you’re thinking of the larger version.

I think there website said that they starting adding the new seats in 2009, and yes you are right they say there is a smaller and a larger size. I think the larger size is teh default size and the smaller can be special ordered, but perhaps it’s the opposite on the Pilgram since that boat is intended for lighter paddlers as I understand.

The newer seats attach to the brackets that are epoxied to the sides of the boat and have foam inserts in the side. They also have an updated and improved backband over the older style ones.

Supposedly they provide a more efficient paddling position by tilting you forward a bit; however, I think they also put you a lot lower in the boat which is not the best for adding paddling efficiency necessarily.



SKUK “Performance” Seat
Matt - I have several of the latest SKUK/NDK seats in stock, with mounting hardware. Contact me at your convenience.


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Don’t go LOW
Hey Matt- I’d be wary of going lower–did that with a handcarved foam seat I made, thinking of more stability (not sure where that came from) but I regretted it and added back a 1/2 in foam. My rolls became sluggish after I dropped the seat- I could not lay back comfortably, and the boat generally felt doggier–my mistake–plus there is some ideal angle between your heels on the hull and your sit bones in the seat that is efficient in terms of the forward stroke- I’m taking someone else’s word on that 'cause I’m a paddler, not a body movement guru. Still experimenting.-------------

that’s part of the reason that I ask the question. I want to go just a little lower to give me some extra room between my legs and the deck, but I don’t want to go too low. I think that going too low (like with a foam seat with no padding underneath) sacrifices good edging and good forward stroke efficiency.

With my Romany though that is the only way I can fit comfortably in the boat though…probably not a huge issue with a romany since I am not really looking for high efficiency with my forward stroke in this boat.

There is definitely a sweet spot when it comes to seat height. Another consideration with NDK boats is the variation in seat heights among them. The particular Explorer I have now has a seat that is a little high.

With the Greenlander Pro I think it benefits from a slightly lower seat since it is a little tender with a higher seat.

I think I am going to try one of these new seats in my Romany and then decide whether to put it in my other boats.