New Necky Manitou 13 Question

I purchased a Manitou 13 on Friday and had it out for a 10 mile paddle on Saturday…so far I love this kayak. I do have one question or concern. When it is setting on the ground it tips to the side and always the same side. Even if I tip to the opposite side it tips back the other way. Should I be worried or is this normal?

Thanks Matt

Call Homeland Security.
No, seriously, I’m surprised it goes back to one side even when you start it out tipped the other way. Can you suspend it between its grab loops and see whether it hangs straight or to one side?

I suppose when they spun the plastic in the mold, a little more might have ended up on one side.

Does the boat have a distinct bulge along the keel, or is it flattish through the mid portion?

Manitou 13
Seems fairly flat along the mid portion, I will have to try the hanging tomorrow. I am kind of concerned about it for the money I paid, but maybe this is normal??

News flash
Polyethylene boats are imperfect! Mold 100 of em and you get 100 different boats! Necky will stand behind the boat. If unhappy contact them…they will take care of you. You may have a standard that only a composite product can meet.

Yes I agree. One needs to determine
whether there is a problem with how the boat sits on the water, and proceeds under power. I think probably there won’t be a problem.

Yeah it seemed
perfectly ok on Saturday when I used it, I am not complaining, I just wanted see if it was something I should worry about. Trust me, my standards are not that high.


Check it in the water

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A friend of mine has that same boat, and I've ended up keeping it on the floor of my garage after some of our outings. When this boat sits on a flat floor, it really can't tip very much in either direction, so the fact that you can tip it one way and it just drops back to the heavier side again doesn't necessarily mean that it is really far off-balance. Set it in the water with nothing in it, and see how far it leans. If it looks bad then, especially if it takes a fair amount of weight to center it again, you may want to see what the maker will do for you.