New Nordkapp LV

I picked-up my replacement Nordlow today.

My new 'kapp LV is beautifully made and the keel strip is about the neatest install I’ve seen.

There are some touches that Peter has brought from his earlier time at P&H. These include vented bulkheads and the seam under the coaming where it meets the deck is taped. These are in addition to previous touches such as skegs drilled for line for unjamming.

Also a pleasant surprise is the deck rigging to match the coaming and seam (red).

I am now anxious to get it on the water… though the high for tomorrow is to be 23F.

While we were at The Kayak Center, Celia sat in an Avocet LV and liked the fit. I think she will be demoing one when Spring hits.

Valley continues to impress. They not only make beautiful boats but absolutely stand behind them.

please you as much as my new Aquanaut does me. I’m only sorry I couldn’t be as much help to you as you were to me in my selection.

Now you & Celia have GOT to find a way to make it down here: Grayhawk in HIS NordLow, and me in My A-Naut will join you for a warm water Valley reunion and over sharks and rays and corals instead of whales & seals & rocks we will all, very happily,


-Frank in Miami

Congrats on the new one…
Sure is purty. Let us know how it does…

Wowzer, w!

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Dear Wilsoj!

Love the look of your new boat. Looks like Valley has once again done it’s trick with impeccable customer service (I think this was a replacement item for your last Valley), and with a superior product. I look forward to your pics on the water.

I have an Avocet RM, but not the Avocet LV. As you recall, Peter himself does a short promo on youtube on specifically the Avocet LV. Here it is again for you and Celia, plus an Avocet at the Skooks.

ScupperFrank has been sending me emails with photos of he and the gang in south Florida, and they seem to have a ball in their boats. Sweet waters, indeed. As you mention, Frank, my Aquanuat LV will likely take some time to construct—many months, likely—but that is fine with me as long as it gets the wonderful and customary Valley workmanship. I will post pics when I get it, and then pics on Wenley’s blog of the sectional concept, and then post on youtube the hows and whys of the sectional; I have sen no videos about sectional kayaks, and will try to make a 10 minute vid or so of putting it together, and other sectional info.

Here here to paddling with you all in south Florida. A colleague of mine was just down in Islamorada a week ago for a deep sea fishing trip and said the weather was superb. My next chunk of off time will be prior to Xmas and through new year’s 2008-2009, so I have no idea if you all are down there, or away visiting family, but it’d be stellar to get a group together to paddle.

Thanks again for the pics, wilsoj; keep ‘em coming. Cd1

'There’s nothing like (a) Valley’

Yeah, Valley is great. Even though I bought the other as a ‘used/demo’ boat, Peter Orton decided to replace it with a new boat made to order (my choice of colors, keel strip, etc) at no cost to me.

I am pleased with how it looks. I am looking forward to getting it on the water…

Someday we’ll make it to Florida to paddle. A number of friends are heading down to Sweetwater right now.