New Nova Craft Prospector 17 - WOOHOO!

My canoe came last week and I am so excited.

I got a Nova Craft Prospector 17 in Royalex Lite.

I’ve already drilled some holes in it and laced it up for float bags.

Anyway, I have paddled it a few times on both lakes and Class I rivers. It is fast and responsive. I will post a longer review and compare it to some other boats I have paddled after I have a few more miles on the water.


I’m sure that drilling hole into your brand spankin; new canoe will void what ever warranty that it had.

Your a braver man than I am.

Hope you enjoy many happy days in your new boat!

I actually talked to the guys at Nova Craft. The warranty is still good.

Always SOOOOOO hard to drill that first hole, isn’t it?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts and reviews after paddling that boat. I have 2 friends with the 16’ Prospector, but nobody whose paddled the 17. Good luck with the new boat! WW

Yer gonna love it!
I have the 16-footer, in the heavier royalex. If I ever get one in Blue Steel, I think I might go with the 17’.

I’ll be curious about whether you experience any oil-canning though (the heavy rx does not).

So - you have a pole for it, right? :wink:

oil can
The lite version does not oil can… I was a bit concerned about this as well so I put my dad (225lbs) in front with me (260lbs) in the back and bounced it up and down with no gear in it.

The hull deflected a little bit but nothing like I have seen on a Disco 169.

They say the Royalex Lite is just thinner on the sides and the bottom still has the same thickness. They also tell me the the Lite version is equivalent to Mad River, Wenonah and Bell full Royalex and the heavy version is super expedition bombproof. Not sure if this is true but sounds like a good story. Mine weighs about the same as a Mad River Reflection 17’ in Royalex so I assume its somewhat true.


Good to know - thanks.
I would tend to believe they are correct about the NC heavy rx version being “bomb proof” - based on my experience so far.