New Nova Craft Rob Roy 3.9 decked canoe

Appears to have symmetrical rocker, too!

They’re getting closer to what I’m looking for.

Lower the bow & stern depth a few inches, add foot brace, bulkheads & hatches and I’d probably be selling a few other boats to put a down payment on one of these new decked canoe options. Actually, wind effects might not be too bad, even with the specified bow & stern depth.

I’m eager to try one of these. Looks like a fun river boat.

Next, how about a version with 2.5" symmetrical rocker for more fun on rivers?


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Thanks to this blasted economic situation, my income is just a small fraction of what it ever used to be, and you come on here and tell me about a unique boat that looks like something I might really like to have.

That's okay. I would have found out about it this March at Canoecopia. I can protect my hard-earned savings if I just convince myself that I'll be just fine without it (sigh).

Okay I feel better now. The places I'd like to use such a boat (wide open water that must be crossed to get to smaller channels) would eventually require occasional tree crossings, and the need for that rules out anything with a deck. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Pretty lines n/m

What was old is new again
Dare I say that it reminds me of a 1970 Yugo slalom C-1?


1970 is old?

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I think the Rob Roy design goes back more than 100 years.

Update. Actually, you might be right. I don't think the original Rob Roy was built for kneeling, but this one by Novacraft appears to be.

other Rob Roy’s
Check out Bell Canoe for several very nice Rob Roy designs

What really caught my attention here…

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... was the "canoe-like" seating of the Nova Craft Rob Roy. Bell has been making their Rob Roy for a really long time, but the design has never appealed to me at all. In a Bell Rob Roy, you sit about three inches off the floor and your movement is restricted by a backrest, so a double-blade paddle is really the only practical choice. I really like Nova Craft's approach to this design, with a high, backless bench seat that is conducive to both kneeling and the use of a single-blade paddle. The kneeling design also results in a much smaller cockpit opening than what is offered on the sit-down version that Bell makes. I hope this model is a success for Nova Craft.

How do you bail water while in the boat?

Um, I think you would …
… hold your cut-off bleach bottle in one hand and reach down through that big hole in the top, but I could be mistaken.

how much?
This looks like exactly what I need. Is the cost given anywhere, or will I need to wait 15 years and buy one used?

it looks sporty

This is all very much like a
Discussion Forum thread.

Nope, advising paddlers of a new option
is definitely advice. If you want to start another thread in the discussion forum, go for it.

This is a design that just may answer the requests of many paddlers that frequent and should be archived.

It appears that Nova Craft has been listening.

Well, if a half-baked rationale makes
sense to you, that’s OK. But you could have reached as many people on the Discussion Forum.

Question: Size is the cockpit opening?
Does anyone know the size of the cockpit opening?

Advice: Weights are CAD estimated
on the website. Not measurements of actual canoes. See the note at the bottom of the web page.

Too small for bailing.

And you know this how?
Kayaks can be bailed and they usually have smaller cockpits.

Are you just trolling, or what?

Much more appealing than the Bell model.

Jumping in again
Let’s see, the lowest part of the boat (where the water collects) will be right about where the paddler is kneeling. The cockpit opening clearly extends forward to within a few inches of the paddler’s knees, perhaps flush with his knees. That leaves the space between the thighs and knees, as well as the space under the seat for bailing, and that’s exactly the area I bail from when “bailing on the fly”. Maybe my stomach is a lot smaller than that of the average old fart on these boards, so I’m only speaking of how this would work for me. For me, there’d be no problem.