New NRS Extreme Drysuit. Breatheable?

The nrs website now says that their latest version of this suit is “highly breathable.”

I know in the past reviews have been sketchy on this suit (sweaty–totally not breathable.)

Has anyone tried this latest breathable version?


called nrs.

i called nrs. they claim that this is totally new material for 2004–not quite as breathebale as gore-tex but very breathable all the same. last years model was not at all breathable.

it’s $450. spending more is not an option. i guess i could patrol ebay and pick up a used gore-tex model–but that has it’s own set of risks.

i’d love to hear what you guys think.

Not for sure might be pretty good
I have seen stuff that the competition is closer to Gore-tex and that two products are ahead of it. This says it is a PU type material. Friend of mine says that they are finding ways to make it pretty close to Gore. What is unknown is have they also found a way to make it as durable and still breatheable. That is my question, anyone?