New Ohio kayaks to go where?

I’m in Northwest ohio and I am really intrigued to find a spot to kayak camp. And what I mean is that I kayak down a nice river and can pull off and make a spot to camp. I’m not really interested in a campground setting. Does anyone have any suggestions that are not over 5hrs away(ballpark)?

Glad to be part of the kayaking community!

Northern Michigan
Look Straight North!

Within 5 hours you should be able to find yourself in the middle of the Huron or Manistee national forest, paddling on the Ausable, Pine, Manistee or Muskegon rivers. Lots of great camping and paddling available.

West Branch Susquehanna in PA
Don’t know exactly where you are, but Toledo is a 4 1/2 hour drive east to Shawville, PA, just 4 miles off I-80 (exit 123) , where you can put in to the West Branch Susquehanna Water Trail which is a lovely wild, mostly flatwater, river that goes through deep wooded canyons and small rural communities for over 200 miles. The Lumber Heritage Foundation sells an excellent set of laminated maps for the whole trail with all the details of where you can launch and camp along the way. Well worth the $20:

My boyfriend for several years lives along the Susquehanna, a couple miles downstream from the Shawville dam and I paddled on it often. Really a beautiful river.

I can’t speak for the others but I believe that camping on the Pine is only permitted at designated campgrounds.

Also between Memorial day and Labor day access to the Pine is limited, watercraft permits are required and often run out. They can be reserved online though and only cost 2 dollars per boat.