New ONNO paddle

Just got the paddle I ordered from Pat. He gave it to me for an incredible price, told me it was a blem, and I can’t see anything wrong with it.

Wanted the paddle for guests and for kids. It’s got Pat’s feather blades on it, one piece, 0 feather, carbon signature construction, 210cm and can’t weigh more than 20 oz. He packed it in a wooden box. Took me 20 minutes to get all the screws out.

Looking forward to to trying it out myself.

Pat, you are the MAN!


Good luck wit dat fancy paddle, Andreas

The blem is the resin
It dissolves in water.

Way Cool!
But can you have a Feather paddle that’s not feathered? Sounds like it should go against some Law of Thermodynamics!

Feather paddle
Go down a ways till you come to the photo and description of the Feather.


I ordered one of the feathers for my wife (thinking it would be better than a GP that she wanted to have). After she tried it she felt it just didnt grip enough water on the stroke. Said she wanted a full-tour (like mine). Pat was kind enough to swap the feather for a full tour.

I hope you enjoy u’r new toy…sweet paddles Pat makes!

I’ve got a wing from Pat
That I use most of the time. I couldn’t be more pleased with it.


The Feather paddle with surprise you
with its power return per paddling energy.

You can increase your paddling cadence for

more speed and power. I have used it a few times,

and it’s a good paddle that is very enjoyable to

paddle with.

I have two of his new …
screw type ferrule two piece wings on the way.

One for me and one for the “bride”.

I have been pestering him for a year for them and he finally has them.

Should eliminate the "swear " factor that accompanied his older adjustable paddles.



Hey is pat’s new ferrule
like the epics? Or how is it different from his older wings? I have a wing from him that’s about a year old and I have never had any problems getting it apart but it’s tough to set the feather the each time. So I’d like to see something similar to the epic’s.

It is in the mail, so I can’t comment …
yet, but it is supposed to be similar to Epic’s (screw type).

You got the same style paddle that I never dipped in the water and sent back.



I never take it apart so
it isn’t really a problem, but I’d be nice to have the option. Is the weight suppose to be similar to the old one? Thanks for the info.

Pat is great to work with!
Approx. 4 or 5 years ago i ordered a paddle from Pat.We talked on the phone and i told him what i wanted. After 4 or 5 weeks of waiting i gave him a call to check on the order. He had forgot or misplaced my order i forget which. When i finally did get my order in the box were two paddles. The paddle that i ordered and a second paddle made from his blem pieces. What he calls a blem is only minor surface marks.

I got two great paddles for the price of one. He never charged me extra for the second paddle except for the shipping.

I would not hesitate to buy another from him.

I’m hopping that he’ll come up with a bent shaft


No the weight is slightly more.
I think he said a few ounces.

Not because of the ferrule, but because he is now making the blade out of straight carbon and they are supposed to be stronger than the older model.


and Merry Christmas,


Blush … thanks for the kind words…
Just got a small batch of the new lockers in, next should be here in week or so.

These can be retrofitted to any of my adjustable length paddles in a few minutes.

On Wings,

Most of the wings going out are solid carbon instead of carbon + core.

The solid carbon ones are 1 ounce +/- heavier than the standard cored layup but are MUCH hardier for knocking around. I CAN do the cored version a few ounces lighter still but I have been recommending the solid construction over the core unless one is looking for extremes.

Weights on solid carbon wings are coming in around 22 - 26 with a 10cm range ferule depending on length and blade size.


Hey Pat!
Will the new ferrule fix that slipping I sometimes have with my 2 piece? Occasionally mid-stroke my paddle decides on a new feather angle, whether I like it or not. Not terribly often and not something I can’t deal with . Just seems to be a fit issue (male and female ends) and I’ve just been dealing with it by finding it’s “sweet spots” so to speak. There seem to be angles at which the paddle is happier locking. But this means I don’t seem to get the full range of options. Maybe it is operator error. Should I order one of your ferrules for this? I’ll have to check out the website.

Many happy returns of the season-


another happy customer
Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents for anybody considering doing business with Onno. I ordered a custom heavy-duty version from Pat almost 5 years ago, something he doesn’t usually do (light weight is his specialty), and he said he’d do the best he can but couldn’t promise anything. It’s now 5 years later and the paddle is still in heavy use. It’s got a few dings now (character marks) but it has withstood an incredible amount of punishment. Thanks for the good work, Pat!

Lock unlocking
I hear ya, had that happen to me this year, makes a brace much less effective when the blade spins unexpectedly…man Lake Superior can be cold :wink: