New or used canoe..seeking advice!

Depending on how things go this year, I think I may be in the market for another used or new boat.
I had previously struggled with this because I wanted a lighter boat, but …what a difference a good yoke makes. Now I can go way less expensive.

So, I’m looking for a boat that will be good for fishing, has decent speed, and I guess being symmetrical will be important if I’m paddling from bow reversed.

Basically, I want to fish in it, enjoy paddling on slow moving rivers, lakes, and some (light)rapids. I’d like it to corner well, and track well.

A stable hull with good primary stability is important.

Don’t you have a Reflection 15’- 3 seater? That is what I use for my traveling fishing canoe. Since I use it solo all the time I took out the bow and stern seats to lighten it. I cut up some crappy wooden paddles to make light weight thwarts to replace the seats. I keep an Old Town Camper 16 at a local state park .It’s flat bottom gives it great primary stability. Per the catalog it’s only 59#. They was also Camper 15’ (used to be called Pathfinder). When solo I sit in the bow facing backwards and throw some rocks in the bow (stern) to even the keel. I paddle it healed. It tracks OK and is maneuverable.

Another plus is that Campers are often found, at least in S-E Pa, on Craig’s List. I got mine in VG condition for $125 2 years ago. another benefit for fishing is that Royalex is quieter than composite canoes, when dropping or moving gear.

There is no perfect canoe. You are probably going to own several different boats like most people. I like to buy used canoes, especially well made ones that need a little work. I always sell them for more than I paid for them.

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Regarding the canoe… I’m not looking to get rid of the dagger. I love it. I’m wanting to eventually add to my collection with a similar canoe.
I actually inherited a camper 2 years ago. It was my father’s boat. I sold it for the dagger. I found the camper to be too slow.

I like the primary stability of the dagger but would be willing to give some of that up for a little more speed.

So I’m just curious then about canoes that I should be researching this year that fit the above specifications (I can give on the stability).

I saw a mad river st croix, but reviews on the tracking were pretty mixed.

Im thinking of buying a used Mad River St Croix for river running c1 c2 rapids . Is this a good canoe for river? Im used to flat water with cedar strippers so i need advice on the st croix.